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Reflective Belts

High Visibility Belts are a 2-inch wide Standard Duty vinyl backed reflective belt.

Heavy Duty belts have webbing sewn onto the back of a Standard Duty reflective belt. Fits 30 to 55-inches. Fastener options are a side release, center release buckle, or velcro that adjusts to any angle (make a shoulder sash-band too). Microprism Retroreflective Material is welded onto a vinyl backing that reflects well in the rain and is easy to clean, because all seams are welded, not sewn, to keep water and dirt out of the microprisms. Daytime colors are reflected at nighttime. Color Codes are: 12-Red, 15-White, 17-Orange, 18-Yellow, 23-Blue, 27-Green, 13-Fluorescent Red-Orange, 20-Fluorescent Lime, 21-Fluorescent Green, 22-Fluorescent Pink, 24-Fluorescent Orange. Metalized Microprism Reflectors Make Checker Colors the Brightest - 1512-Checker White-Red, 1523-Checker White-Blue, 1527-Checker White-Green. 

Stretch Reflective Belts have High Visibility retroreflective silver beads bonded to elastic thread woven into a white center reflective stripe, providing stretch material 2-inches wide. Fits 22 to 48-inches. Daytime colors are not reflective at night but the stripe down the center of each belt is. Colors Codes are: 12-Red, 20-Fluorescent Lime, 22-Fluorescent Pink, 23-Blue, and 24-Fluorescent Orange.

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